Erica Jess Pittsburgh, PA

The time flew by as my guides taught me all about the fundamentals of composing not just a picture – but an truly remarkable shot of one of nature’s most beautiful islands.
What was amazing about the approach of Photo Safari Hawai’i is the private tour and the one-on-one tutorials of fine photography.

I have been shooting on SLR’s for a decade, and I have to say I learned more in one afternoon than I had in so many years of trial and error.
They teach you how to capture that breath-taking element that separates great photos from the mundane.

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough! A trip to *any* of the Hawaiian islands is not complete without taking advantage of this unique opportunity to have your techniques refined and enhanced.
Hands down, I cannot wait to return to Hawaii and shoot another safari on Maui, Molokai, and Kona!

Thank you, Mr. Ross and all the islands’ resident photographers on your Photo Safari Hawai’i team!
Months later, I am still brimming with inspiration!

brianErica Jess Pittsburgh, PA

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