Photo EcoTour

Photography is the art of writing with light to create expressive images. Ecology is the science of  the interrelationship of nature’s diversity. A Safari means a journey. For  our unique private island photo ecotours, we are part location scouts, part local island guides offering insights about the island’s history, geography, culture, native flora, and part photo instructors, offering fine art photography exercises in the field.  The summation of which is a great adventure in photography and beautiful nature experience.
To offer the best value for a private tour on all the Hawaiian islands, all of our prices are per vehicle instead of per person, for 1 to 5 persons per vehicle.

So kids and friends, can join you at no additional cost.

Light Chaser Half Day photo ecotour is $550 per vehicle (for 1 to 5 persons)

Island Explorer Full Day photo ecotour is $1050 per vehicle (for 1 to 5 persons)

Please see the Ecotours page for additional photo ecotours & rates. All prices are subject to additional Hawaii State Tax of 4.6%

Light Chaser Half Day photo ecotour is approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. Everyone’s pace is a little different, but basically we figure 1.5 hours round trip of drive time and 2 hours on location at scenic  nature spots.

Island Explorer Full Day photo ecotour is approximately 8 to 12 hours. We usually circumnavigate a portion of the island and visit a variety of locations en route. We don’t rush and are not on a schedule. We go at our own pace to enjoy a spectacular day, and try to get in a beautiful sunset when possible.

Sun protection & good walking shoes are recommend. Most locales do not have mosquitos, but some waterfall and rainforest locations may. A light weight long sleeve shirt is a good protection. We provide sun block and mosquito repellent. Light weight rain gear is good preparation for an occasional shower. We provide umbrellas, plastic ponchos, and plastic camera covers in case of rain.

We encourage guests to enjoy a taste of the island, so meals are not included and are optional. We provide beverages and granola bars to keep hydrated and satiated en route, and stop at local restaurants or snack locations at your preference, which could range from lunch at a Four Star Hotel to experiencing local Huli Huli BBQ hosted by a local family.

For our sunrise tours, we often bring a thermos of coffee for sunrise and then stop for coffee or breakfast afterwards.

We usually don’t do dinners, but on special requests we can work it into your experience. For example on our Road to Hana Island Explorer ecotour, we can start on the Southern side and end on the Northshore for a romantic dinner at Mama’s Fish House.


Our unique photo ecotours are geared for all ages and all skill levels.

For the beginning photographer, it is a great introduction to the art of photography without being too technical.

For the advanced photographer, our visual grammar photography exercises offer a great opportunity to create beautiful images at some of the island’s most scenic locations.

It is strongly recommended to bring a camera, or rent one of our user friendly Nikon SLR D60′s, or shock proof/water proof Olympus 1030 point & shoot cameras. Rental info is available on our Store page.

Some participants have enjoyed doing the exercises with their iPhone or Blackberry. A few enjoy to leave their cameras behind and just enjoy the scenery.

Bring what you can carry. While theft is rare, it can happen. We want you to be able to carry any equipment you bring on our short walks to nature locations, and avoid leaving any valuables unattended in the vehicles.

One zoom lens (80-200mm) can work great, or 2 separate lenses that can cover a wide range could be advantageous.

One macro lens for nature close ups, One wide angle lens for Landscapes can work well.

A circular polarizer or graduated ND Filter works well.

A tripod or monopod for stability can make things a bit more cumbersome, but is preferred by some clients for ideal sharpness, and long exposure shots.

We provide lens cloths.


Photo Safari Hawaii has extensively scouted all the islands for safe and beautiful locations for our photo ecotours. The Journey is the Destination.

Our half day Light Chaser photo ecotour locations are approximately 45 minutes from our pick up locations, so you may enjoy at least an hour and a half on location. Which locations we may share with you depends on a variety of factors including safety, weather conditions, road conditions, & participant’s health. Each morning we take all these factors into consideration and create a custom private tour that suits you the best. We go at your pace. Some people like to spend more time at one spot, others prefer more variety. There are usually 1 or more destinations we will visit at our Guide’s discretion.

Our full day Island Explorer photo ecotours offer a more comprehensive exploration of an island, including diverse landscapes from beaches and rainforest coasts, to volcanoes, spectacular canyons, waterfalls, or lavascapes.

As long as the tour is cancelled 24 hours prior to the tour, you may receive a full refund for Light Chaser, Island Explorer, & 2 Day Trailblazer photo ecotours. No refunds will be granted if tour are canceled within 24 hours of tour. For Island Hopper, multi-island photo ecotours a 72 hour cancellation is required for partial refunds, and the airfare portion of the tour will not be refunded.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered here? Please contact us directly, either via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you.