Explore O’ahu’s North Shore 

Full-Day Ecotourwaimea oahu

Journey through Hawaii’s last remaining major pineapple fields, between ancient volcanoes of Oahu, now the Wai’anae and Ko’olau Ridges, and view Mt. Makaha Oahu’s tallest peak. On Oahu’s North shore there are verdant pastures and sandy palm treed coast, with some of the best surfing and big waves in the winter. World-renowned surf breaks at Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, the Pipeline, are host to major international surf competitions, and in the summer the calm tranquil waters offer beautiful snorkel locations. We will travel about Waimea Valley, a Hawaiian cultural site, and stroll along ancient pathways that border a river inside a Tropical Botanical Garden. Swimming at the falls is enjoyed by all ages and is supervised by lifeguards.

Hike to a remote Albatross Sanctuary along O’ahu’s Northwest Shore 

 Full-Day Ecotour 9503863785_9ee7aff815_o

We will journey up to Oahu’s North shore, and head west to the remote Northwestern most point on Oahu at Ka’ena Point. On this weathered lava landscape, hundreds of Albatross perform elaborate mating dances to woo their mates. Young chicks nestle under the scrub waiting for their mother’s return to the nest with their next meal. Magnificent Coastal views of Oahu’s North & Western shores, against the background of waves crashing against the rocks and the majestic Wai’anae Volcanic Ridges rising into the clouds.


Explore the Historic Sites, War Memorials and Museums of Pearl Harbor

 oahuFull-Day Ecotour, includes admission to the USS Arizona Memorial

Spend the day visiting historic sites, war memorials, monuments and museums with your expert Pearl Harbor guide.  Learn about the tragic attacks that awoke O’ahu and the events that thrust the United States into World War II. Our expert guides take you on a historic journey throughout your day, and the museums of Pearl Harbor are the perfect place to soak in all the history.  Tickets for admission to the USS Arizona are included.